Wabtec Elastomers

Diesel Engine Gaskets, Seals & Accessories

Traditionally, most seals in a locomotive engine are made of Nitrile rubber. While a new Nitrile seal is soft and flexible at temperatures of around 150°F to 180°F, the elastomer that makes the seal flexible starts to bake out of the product. These temperatures are produced by the locomotive engine in normal operation and the result is a hard, cracked rubber product that no longer effectively seals.

Durox has replaced all these traditional seals with High Performance Fluoroelastomer Seals. Fluoroelastomer is a rubber compound that remains soft and flexible at temperatures up to 480°F, a temperature range that the locomotive engine does not produce in normal operation.

Durox Green Fluoroelastomer Seals are made in various custom formulations that are designed for specific end-use applications including formulations for pipe coupling gaskets and O-rings.


Marmon Seal Test Graphic 901x611


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