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The original design of the fuel site bowl clevis requires users to make a judgment call as to how much torque to apply. Too tight and the glass bowl cracks, too loose and the application leaks - either can result in a fuel leak. In addition, the simple design of the square cut gasket used for the fuel site bowl seal easily allows the bowl to slide off, which also causes leaks.


clevice 1

  • Durox #DE13527: Self-Torquing Clevis tightens until the proper torque limit is reached and then spins harmlessly, totally eliminating the possibility of under or over-torquing the application.
  • Durox #DE10864: Fuel Sight Bowl Seal is contoured so that the bowl fits into the seal and eliminates the possibility of it slipping and leaking.
  • Durox #DE32515: Self-Torquing Fuel Sight Bowl Clevis & Seal Kit eliminates all problems that are associated with this application and will remain "leak free" from overhaul to overhaul


ISO9001 2008