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Durox "Rugged Heavy" Liquid Filled & Dry Pressure Gauges

dry and liquid filled pressure gauges 1250x550

Accuracy:   (+/-) 1.5% full scale on 2 ½” and (+/-) 1% on scale on 4”
Crystal:   Shatter resistant plexiglass
Movement:   All brass
Bourbon Tube:   Phosphor bronze on 2½” & 316SS on 4” above 800 PSI
Liquid Filled:   96% Pure glycerine with 4% distilled water
Case:   Solid one piece, die cast brass hermetically sealed
Connection:   ¼” NPT bottom or back
Pressure Ranges:   Vacuum and compound to 300 PSI, pressure to 15,000 PSI
Ambient Temp:   0° F(-17.8° C) to 180° F(82.2° C) –40° F (-40° C) is available
Working Pressure:   Should be limited to 60% of dial range
Application:   Perform extremely well under high vibration, pulsation and shock loading applications. Recommended for all diesel engine applications and all shop applications including: fuel oil, crankcase oil, lube oil, steam, water, gas, air, hydraulic and all other gaseous and liquid media that are non-corrosive to copper alloys.
Warranty:   Exclusive 3 year warranty on all liquid filled pressure gauges
Repair:   Gauges are repairable with a 12 month repair warranty
Options:   Panel mounting or flush
Also Available:   Standard dry gauges in sizes from 1½” through 4” stainless steal liquid filled gauges in sizes 2 ½” through 6”.


ISO9001 2008